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Chatham County School Superintendent Apologizes For Mock Slave Auction

Source: Associated Press

Chatham County Schools Superintendent Anthony Jackson issued an apology to everyone impacted by a mock slave auction held at J.S. Water Middle School in early March.

“Actions such as these, they just do not reflect who we are as a school system,” Chatham County Schools Superintendent Anthony Jackson said after parents raised an outcry. “And I say, unapologetically, will not be tolerated in the school system.”

The school board was given a list of changes recommended by parents and community leaders to address discipline around racist events happening in schools. One of the suggested changes was around discipline given to any student committing a racist act on school grounds. Ashley Palmer, whose son was one of the victims of the racist act posted on her Facebook account the school board has updated its policy addressing racism beginning March 21, 2022.


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