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Coach K Calls Out Politicians After Recent Mass Shootings

Source: News & Observer

Retired Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is arguably one of the most successful coaches in all of sports. After 42 years of being on the sidelines in Durham, Coach K has a message for leaders in Washington. After recent mass shootings have dominated the headlines once again with no action from our leaders; Coach K says enough is enough. 

The former Army West Point graduate and military captain shares his frustration with the current state of politics overshadowing the crisis of mass shootings in this country that has taken so many lives. He also raises the question of why people need these high-powered semi-automatic weapons. Coach K is calling on elected leaders to do better.

“You shouldn’t vote for the party, you should vote for the people that you serve,” Krzyzewski said Thursday night. “And you should have the guts, the courage, and it’s your duty. It’s your duty to do that. We are not doing that duty at the national level when our country is suffering greatly from it.”

Coach K discussed the recent shooting in a special town hall taping of his satellite radio show. His comments received applause from the audience in attendance. 

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