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Duke University Just Became More Affordable For Students In The Carolinas

Source: WUNC

Duke University is known worldwide for its great academic programs and beautiful campus that rivals many Ivy League schools.

Many call Duke University the Harvard of the South given the history and prestige that comes with that name. Duke is also known for its basketball teams and the legendary Coach K leading the team to five NCAA titles and numerous accolades,

Duke just hit everyone with a game-changing curveball for North Carolina and South Carolina high school students looking to call Durham home for education. The university announced a new financial aid grant to any undergraduate from NC/SC to be admitted into Duke tuition-free with a family income of $150,000 or under. That in itself is an amazing announcement. 

But Duke even took it a step further: If your family income is $65,000 or less you will receive a full ride including tuition, housing and meals, leaving you with no student loans. This is game-changing for students in NC/SC no longer having to say they won’t apply to what might be their top choice school because of affordability. 

The tuition at Duke University for one year can range between $60,000 and upwards to $90,000 depending on housing and program. Students of military families who meet the requirements but may be stationed out of state are eligible to apply also.

“We just want to make more clear our commitment to families in the Carolinas and ensure that as many families as possible appreciate that a Duke education can be affordable and accessible,” said Dean of Trinity College Gary Bennett.

Teams from the university financial aid office will determine eligibility for the grants. Potential students should know that you will have to provide proof of residence when first applying for admission. The grant is good as long as the household continues to meet eligibility requirements. The funding for this program is coming from operational funds and no major gifts announcement was made with this announcement. 

This major announcement comes as the U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on whether there should be race admission practices at universities nationwide. That decision may have a big impact on how colleges and universities go about their admission and recruitment processes. 

“It’s not entirely clear what the [Supreme Court] judgment will be, but we’ve been planning for a variety of different potential scenarios and will continue to do our very best to recruit and retain a very diverse student body within the limits of the law,” Bennett said.

Right now Duke does not have any plans to increase undergraduate enrollment but if they see more applicants from the Carolinas they might have a larger portion of the student body. 


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