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Gov. Cooper Condemns Republican’s Dragged Out Budget Negotiations

Source: News & Observer

The state is closing in on another month without a budget. Last week, Gov. Roy Cooper underscored the impact of yet another delay – urging state Republicans to pass the state budget, which would close the healthcare coverage gap for many and give raises to thousands of North Carolinians.

“I wish Republican leaders would talk with the people that I have seen over the last two weeks,” Gov. Cooper stated during the opening ceremony of N.C. Freedom Park downtown. “People who’ve received letters they’re being kicked off of Medicaid coverage, insurance, when they could be on it if expansion had been enacted, that we’ve all agreed on.”

The state budget has been delayed throughout the pass few months, forcing school districts to navigate the start of the school year without a budget, and delaying access to critical health care coverage for hundreds of thousands across the state.

“This state needs a budget, and it needs it now,” Gov. Cooper stated to reporters last week. “We’ve seen the work that they can do in seven hours. They came and passed an avalanche of damaging legislation in a few hours.”

While Republicans leaders have put off the state budget, voting to override Gov. Cooper’s vetoes on extremist and controversial bills, have been their top concern.

State Republicans have pushed into law their version of “Don’t Say Gay” bill, measures targeting gender-affirming care, and a trans youth sports ban bill, among others.

“Surely they can come up here to get to work, work nights and weekends if necessary, and agree to a budget so that we can move our state forward,” Gov. Cooper stated
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