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Increase Of Mass Shootings In North Carolina Underscores The Urgent Need Address Gun Violence

Source: Axios Raleigh

North Carolina experienced a dramatic rise in mass shootings in 2023, with 33 incidents shattering past records. This troubling trend mirrored a national surge, as the United States witnessed 656 mass shootings – the second-highest annual total since 2014.

The national statistics paint a grim picture, with 712 victims killed or injured in mass shootings across the country in 2023.

In state the events left a devastating mark, claiming the lives of at least 151 people in North Carolina alone and injuring countless others. This represents a significant jump from 2022, when 21 mass shootings resulted in 104 casualties, and 2021, which saw 22 incidents and 98 victims.

Couple these statistics with the dramatic uptick in gun sales since the purchase permit law was repealed and the lack of any actions from the Republican-led legislature to prevent mass casualties and it’s unlikely this trend will decline in the year ahead. 

This stark reality underscores the urgent need for action to address gun violence, both in North Carolina and across the United States.


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