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NC Attracts More Businesses, Creating New Jobs

Source: Carolina Public Press and Associated Press

Over the past few months alone North Carolina has seen multiple businesses expand their production or open branches here in the state. As a result, North Carolina’s job market is expected to grow quite a bit. 

A modular and manufactured home builder, as well as a fresh foods manufacturer, are the two most recent companies to choose North Carolina for expansion.

Carolina Public Press reported that Champion Home Builders, the modular and manufactured home builder, will be expanding to southeastern North Carolina, bringing in 182 new jobs over the next five years. A subsidiary of Skyline Champion, the home building company will invest roughly $18 million in the acquisition of Manis Custom Builders’ Scotland County plan in Laurinburg, NC. 

The plant in Scotland County will be used to manufacture homes that will then be shipped to various parts of the country, and according to a press release from Governor Roy Cooper’s office, the average wage for the positions will be $41,758, which is just above Scotland County’s average wage across all industries, which is $40,795. They’ll be offering a variety of open jobs, including production and administrative positions.

Additionally, the Associated Press reported that Häns Kissle Co., a fresh foods manufacturer, will be expanding its production to include North Carolina, creating more than 200 jobs. Häns Kissle Co. will be building a 100,000-square-foot facility just outside of Gastonia, NC. 

According to the press release by the Governor’s office, the average annual salary for open positions will be $42,018, on par with Gaston County’s average annual wage. The company primarily makes ready-to-eat foods and meals for supermarkets and food service customers.

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