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North Carolina’s Midterm Elections Have Been Certified – Without Any Issues

Source: WRAL

More than 3.7 million North Carolinians voted in this November’s midterm election and they did so with essentially no issues at all, WRAL reported, citing state elections officials.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), nearly 3.8 million of the state’s 7.4 million registered voters (51%) either mailed in a ballot or went to a voting site, a number that NCSBE executive director Karen Brinson Bell said was “a tremendous turnout for a midterm election.”

This year’s turnout came close to 2018’s when 53% of the state’s registered voters cast a ballot.

According to data, more than two million people voted during the two-week one-stop early voting period and just under 1.6 million more cast a ballot on Election Day. Nearly 188,000 people voted absentee-by-mail.

Despite two years of lies about the 2020 election coming from Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans – and the concern that the party’s followers could cause issues at the polls – few problems were reported and none were severe, according to WRAL.

There were several isolated cases of poll workers and voters reporting that they felt intimidated, but there were no widespread issues of that nature.

Election Day voting also went smoothly with only four of the state’s 2,655 precincts needing to extend voting hours due to either logistical or technical issues.

WRAL reported, “A rigorous review of the results by all counties and additional layers of review in select locations in the days and weeks after the election found no variance in results that would have affected the outcomes of any of the certified races.”

No statewide race finished within the 0.5% threshold needed for a recount. Neither the state’s 14 U.S. House races nor 170 General Assembly matchups fell within the 1% margin that would have allowed a candidate to request a recount.

The NCSBE, which consists of three Democrats and two Republicans, found no issues with the results and all agreed to certify the election.

“The ballots have been properly counted for and the results are within the thresholds of what we would expect for these outcomes,” said Stacy “Four” Eggers IV, a Republican member of the NCSBE. “I do commend our county staff and our county directors.”

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