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Over 40 NC Education Leaders Condemn Republicans Plan to Dismantle Public Schools

Source: Press Release

As state Republicans go another week without passing a new state budget, more and more North Carolinians are speaking out about the impact of such a delay. 

Along with Medicaid expansion advocates, educators across the state are joining the call for state Republicans to prioritize long-standing unmet needs.

In the past few weeks, education leaders in 40 school districts across the state have expressed opposition to state Republicans’ extremist plans that would severely underfund public schools.

Education leaders are calling on the legislature to pass a state budget that includes adequate and meaningful investments in public schools and educators.

“This extreme Republican legislation would undermine and underfund public education, causing public schools to lose hundreds of millions of dollars,” Gov. Roy Cooper stated in a press release. “As the legislature goes another week without passing a budget, more and more education leaders are calling out these disastrous schemes and urging the legislature to make meaningful investments in public education.”

Weeks ahead of the new school year, state Republicans have failed to pass a budget that would address the statewide teacher shortage, lackluster teacher pay raise, and inadequate public school funding. 

In the past month, state Republicans have solely focused on pushing forth extremist bills that would censor classrooms, make it easier to remove superintendents, and add restrictions to public libraries, while diverting millions of dollars away from public schools.

A growing number of school boards and education leaders, from rural and urban counties, are condemning state Republican’s extremist bills and have passed resolutions calling for public education funding, including: 

Click here to see the full list of school districts.

In addition, 19 superintendents across the northeast portion of the state, sent a letter to legislators underscoring their concerns with the controversial private school voucher expansion and its negative impact on local school districts if the measure is passed. 

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Read Governor Cooper’s full remarks.


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