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Protest Over Corporate Landlords Erupt In Charlotte

Source: WCNC

 A protest erupted near the Charlotte Hills Mobile Home Park leasing office in East Charlotte recently. Tenants are standing up to corporate landlords, asserting that housing is a basic right for everyone.

“It’s insane and really unfortunate that we have to deal with these predatory landlords,” said a resident at the event.

Sandra De Lossantos, facing eviction two weeks earlier than expected, expressed her gratitude for the support but noted she is running out of time to find a new home.

“They initially said they were going to renew my lease, but now I’m being forced to leave involuntarily,” De Lossantos explained. “We’ve been here for seven years and have never missed a payment.”

She shared that after investing significant time and money to repair her property due to unaddressed maintenance requests, the landlord’s only response was, “Good, if you want to repair it, then do it.” De Lossantos emphasized, “So now we’re saying, if you want us to keep investing, then give us the house.”

De Lossantos, who has eight children relying on her for shelter, is in a difficult situation.

Members of Action NC have pledged to support families and ensure they have a safe place to live.

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