Right-Wing ‘Moms For Liberty’ Organization’s Goal? Erode Public Education

Source: Mother Jones

Recently Mother Jones reported on the Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors National Summit. Moms for Liberty is a parents’ rights group that, despite being founded in early 2021, has more than 100,00 members across 38 states. While the group brands itself as a grassroots movement of like-minded moms, Moms for Liberty has received the support of several prominent Republican officials promoting far-right ideologies. 

While their rallying cry is “parents’ rights,” Mother Jones pointed out that Moms for Liberty doesn’t “mean every right. They’re decidedly unconcerned about a parents’ right to ensure that their gender nonconforming child is safe at school, for instance, or that their immunocompromised child is protected from Covid.”

Moms for Liberty uses “parents’ rights” as a vehicle for accomplishing their real goal: eroding public education. According to Mother Jones, the group wants to “excise lessons on systemic racism, LGBTQ-friendly books, accommodations for transgender students, and Covid mitigations like vaccine and mask mandates. They want to defend the Second Amendment rights that have allowed school shooters to obtain weapons. They work toward these goals with an unflagging spirit of good cheer—hence the ‘joyful warriors’ conference theme.”

Perhaps most concerning of all is the fact that Moms for Liberty has multiple chapters across the country and across North Carolina. 

According to Mother Jones, Quinn Hargett, a stay-at-home mom of three in Union County had seen in 2021 the sudden spike of Moms for Liberty members suddenly posting in her local social media forums, inviting parents to their meetings. Upon looking into the public Facebook page of the Union County Moms for Liberty chapter leader, Hargett found “posts downplaying the seriousness of the January 6 insurrection. One accused ‘mainstream media’ of having helped Nazis during the Holocaust.”

Hargett told Mother Jones, “I’m not worried about someone grooming my son to be a drag queen… I’m worried about someone grooming my son to be a White nationalist.”

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