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Wake County Program Provides Free Preschool for Struggling Families

Source: WRAL

The Wake ThreeSchool Early Learning Program is an early learning program for 3-year-olds living in Wake County.

The program provides early education to young children and is prioritized for families with low incomes as well as families with children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), limited English proficiency, a chronic health condition, developmental or educational need, or children of an eligible military family. According to WRAL, the program is planning to expand. 

One preschool participating in the Wake ThreeSchool program is Happy Face Preschool in Raleigh. They’ve made preschool available for dozens of families who otherwise couldn’t afford it. 

The North Carolina Early Education Coalition states that pre-K education better prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. Additionally, the program director at Happy Face Preschool, Serena Robinson, said that pre-K education can help educators detect potential issues early, such as developmental delays. 

For many North Carolina families, the Wake ThreeSchool program has been a lifesaver, allowing parents the ability to work a more open schedule outside the home. 

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