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Black Friday Shopping Is Here, Please Don’t Be An Idiot This Year

Source: WRAL

This week many folks will take much needed time to rest, relax, eat, watch sports and spend time with loved ones. There are also folks that will be working during holidays so send special love and energy to those people. Then you have the folks that are looking forward to just finding the best deals for holiday gifts or just for themselves. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become as big as the calendar holidays themselves. Millions of people will be looking for that huge discount on anything from clothing to electronics and the most important item of them all toys. Many retailers have taken advantage of the big holiday and started their Black Friday sales as early as November 1st but there are still deals that will only be seen the day after Thanksgiving. 

If you don’t feel like being in crowded stores and interacting with other humans as they race shopping carts down aisles then online is your way to go. Amazon started its Black Friday sale on November 17th, that’s more than a week from traditional Black Friday. Their Cyber Monday sale will start on Saturday November 25, that’s two days before Cyber Monday. Look for deals on Amazon devices, home cleaning products and toys. 

Target is also following suit with their holiday sales beginning early while their competitor Walmart will start theirs on Wednesday before Turkey Day. Best Buy sale is live now with deals in almost every department. I really feel like most of the viral holiday fights happen in these stores. We felt it was important to let yall know there’s plenty of time to shop and avoid becoming Conor McGregor in the checkout line. Retailers are hoping that an early start will encourage more shoppers to take part in these sales. 

We here at NC Voices thought you should follow these simple guidelines when out and about shopping if that’s your thing. 

  • Pack Patience: There are going to be lines, crowds, and lots of tight spaces. If this is not for you, get online.
  • No Pushing and Shoving: Is it really necessary to knock someone over just to get that robot vacuum that will soon have enough AI to turn into a Transformer and attack us all? 
  • Shopping Carts Are Not Weapons: Use carts to put your items in. DO NOT treat them as bumper cars and by all means do not let your kids drive them. If my heel gets hit one more time by someone’s child you will be in our next article.
  • Be Kind: This does not need an explanation but every year there’s some Wrestlemania event going on in a checkout line. Don’t be in the video that goes viral for Black Friday idiots. Plus it would be super embarrassing if you showed up to work after the holiday and your viral dropkick is the reason you got fired. 
  • No Double Parking: I don’t even want to start with how some of y’all drive so just try to park as best as you can. We will just leave it there. 

Please have a safe holiday and remember not to do anything stupid. 

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