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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Returns From ‘Political Trip’ to Israel That He Used as Cover For His History of Antisemitism

Source: Editorial Staff

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has now returned from his trip to Israel, a visit that he made in an attempt to show that he’s not antisemitic – despite all the evidence showing that he is antisemitic.

Robinson’s trip was “more of a political trip than … just going for tourism,” he told a Winston-Salem Baptist church congregation just days ahead of his visit.

It was at that church that Robinson called Durham protesters who shut down a highway while marching in support of Palestinian rights “human speed bumps,” and it was also there that he provided details of his trip, which had to be shortened due to Israel’s offensive in Gaza and actions in the West Bank.

Unable to resist an opportunity to act like he’s making a sacrifice, Robinson told the churchgoers that he had been waffling about taking the trip due to the “current trouble” in the area. He said he was able to make up his mind once he “thought about all the times other people stepped outside of their comfort zone” because it was then that he “realized that … to whom much is given, much is required, and a great responsibility has been put on my shoulders … and now is my time to carry some of that weight.”

If Robinson hadn’t made it obvious over the past five years that he has serious delusions of grandeur, his posturing ahead of this trip should have made it crystal clear to voters.

There is likely not a single person in Israel who knew who he was ahead of his visit, wanted him there, or cared afterward that he had visited at all. The trip to Israel served no useful purpose and helped absolutely no one, probably not even himself. It takes more than three days in Israel to make up for years of antisemitism.

His “political trip” was nothing more than an attempt at saving face by a man who, just a couple of weeks before his PR stunt, had been getting lambasted in the news and on social media for sharing a quotation attributed to Adolf Hitler, comparing the toppling of a Confederate statue to Kristallnacht and for frequently minimizing the legacy of the Holocaust while decrying the threat of communism.

It’s highly unlikely that three days in Israel is going to be enough to convince North Carolinians that Robinson isn’t really who he has portrayed himself to be on social media, on podcasts and in interviews.


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