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Charcuterie Business Is Booming In North Carolina

Charcuterie Business Is Booming In North Carolina

Source: Our State Magazine

“I’ll turn music on and just see where the board takes me,” said Jessica Anaya, a charcuterie business owner in Hickory. Anaya founded Simply Jam’n Boards where she offers charcuterie classes as well as custom boxes and boards. Anaya said her business “took off” in early 2021 and that she hopes to open a storefront. 

The charcuterie business is booming in North Carolina and according to Our State Magazine, new businesses “focused solely on beautifully arranged grazing boards” are opening at a “startling speed” across the state. New businesses focused on curating grazing boards for a range of occasions have formed in Hickory, Durham, Wilmington, and Boone.

Simply Jam’n Boards (Hickory)

(828) 291-6102

Meat & Graze (Durham)

(919) 797-2858

Seaside Charcuterie (Wilmington)

(252) 504-1794

Boone Boards (Boone)

According to Our State Magazine, “The idea of a meat-and-cheese board isn’t new, but social media has helped the visually compelling format rocket to new heights of popularity.” 

Read more about emerging charcuterie businesses across NC from Our State Magazine.


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