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North Carolina High School In Desperate Need of Repairs

“When you pass by this road, and you see this magnificent campus, you think everything is great, but until you go inside, then you will be amazingly disappointed,” said County Chairman Skip Alston after a tour of one of Guilford County’s most populous high schools.

On March 15th, Guilford County commissioners continued their school tour through Grimsley High in Greensboro, where they encountered a high school that one remarked was “the worst conditions for students and teachers.”

Crumbling walls and desperately outed bathrooms are just some of the issues our students are facing as funding for our public schools continues to be woefully inadequate.  

Even after the state Supreme Court in 2004 ruled that the state was failing its responsibility to adequately educate our children, the legislature since then has gone backwards. The legislature has cut public school funding to pay for an agenda of dramatic tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

We have a detailed roadmap for how to improve education for all of our students. The Leandro plan addresses the critical needs of the North Carolina students, yet Republican lawmakers continue to resist implementing it despite the fact that our state can afford it. 


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