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Chimney Rock Rings with Christmas Cheer as Santa Repels Down The Rockface

Source: National Park Service

The crisp mountain air of Chimney Rock State Park crackled with festive anticipation earlier this month. It was Old Saint Nick’s annual pilgrimage, and the 26th year running promised a day of Christmas magic, chimney practice, and enough cocoa to warm even the Grinchiest of hearts.

As the clock struck eleven, all eyes turned to the iconic chimney. A figure emerged, clad in red and white, his beard sparkling like freshly fallen snow. It was him! Santa Claus, in all his jolly glory, ready to tackle the chimney with practiced ease.

His descent was a marvel to behold. He rappelled with the grace of a seasoned mountaineer, his jolly laugh booming across the valley as he greeted the awestruck faces below. Between chimney runs, Santa and Mrs. Claus set up camp in a cozy nook, where children lined up, eager to whisper their Christmas wishes and snap photos with the big man himself.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Elves, disguised as park rangers, led intrepid adventurers on guided hikes to the breathtaking Hickory Nut Falls, their playful banter masking a wealth of knowledge about the park’s rich history and diverse ecosystem.

Back at the main event, the Outcroppings Deck buzzed with activity. Naturalists introduced crowds to  the park’s animal ambassadors. 

So, until next year, Chimney Rock, and thank you, Santa, for reminding us that even the most seasoned gift-giver and chimney scaler needs a little practice now and then!


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