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Coalition Of NC Progressive Groups Are Standing United In Defense Of Democracy

Source: News & Observer

Amid efforts to pass egregious legislation, a coalition of progressive groups from across the state is taking action against North Carolina Republicans. Called The People’s Coalition, groups are mobilizing as this year’s legislative session is marred by discriminatory bills spearheaded by state Republicans. 

The group is committed to promoting economic and social justice, and holding Republicans accountable for their actions. With this year marking the 10th anniversary of the Moral Monday protests, the group’s effort to stand united against extremist actions by the Republican-led legislature couldn’t be more important.

“We are back and we are ready to be back,” stated Rev. Nancy Petty, Pullen Memorial’s pastor, during the group’s rally. “North Carolinians…are coming together as a People’s Coalition refusing to let our lawmakers pass their dangerous agenda without a struggle and a fight.”

The rally happened during the same week as the Nashville shooting, and just a few hours after the state Senate Republicans voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill that makes it easier to buy a handgun. 

That rally also comes months after a midterm election that gave Republicans a 5-2 majority on the state Supreme Court – replacing a 4-3 Democratic majority that rejected partisan gerrymandered voting maps and supported voting rights.

According to experts and advocates, the newly conservative-leaning high court will likely approve harmful voting laws, including voter ID, and heavily gerrymandered district maps that will favor Republicans in 2024.

“In the year since the case was decided, the facts and evidence remain the same – politicians created extreme gerrymanders that infringed on the rights of North Carolinians. The state’s Constitution also remains the same. All that has changed is the partisan majority on the court,” Bryan Warner, Director of Communications at Common Cause NC wrote.

“As the rally at the Capitol showed, North Carolinians are ready to stand together and refuse to be silenced by extremist politicians trying to restrict our votes.”


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