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Cooper Veto Once Again Blocks Radical, Right-Wing Legislation

Source: Associated Press

Following the latest state legislative session, Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed four extreme Republican-backed bills. The bills include a proposal that would force sheriffs to aid ICE, one that would make it easier to obtain a gun, a bill that would give the Republican-led legislature control over appointing board of education trustees, and a flawed child advocacy center bill.

So far, the governor’s veto power has held off radical Republican-backed measures, including restrictions on abortions, voting restrictions, the criminalization of peaceful protest, and censoring teachers from educating students on the truth of our history, among others.

The governor’s power to block misguided laws is an invaluable part of the checks and balances built into our state government. Without this vital check on radical lawmakers, the rising MAGA faction inside our state will be able to pass dangerous and discriminatory laws.

The upcoming midterm election will be crucial to prevent a partisan super-majority in the General Assembly. A super-majority would remove the power of the veto to keep a check on extremist lawmakers and protect against the erasure of fundamental rights such as voting rights, reproductive freedom and civil rights.


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