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Cuteness Overload: NC Aquarium Needs Help Naming Otter Pups

Source: NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Three otter pups born right here in North Carolina at the Fort Fisher Aquarium need your help. The aquarium needs help in selecting names for these oh-so-beautiful pups.

The three female Asian small-clawed otter pups were born on May 21st of this year. The pups were born during a full moon, king tide and a storm. Their native habitats are Indonesia, southern China, southern India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Due to many threats including climate change and poaching these rare animals are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.

Pup 1 is the biggest of the trio. She has a grumpy look on her face at all times. This young firecracker also snorts at mom and the otter team at the aquarium when they are doing weights and measurements.

Pup 2  is the smallest but loudest of the bunch. She does have a spunky personality and is always first to lead. She might have a future in North Carolina politics one day. 

Pup 3 is the mystery pup because she has yet to show her personality. As far as the aquarium knows, she is shy and always leaves last when her sisters are out exploring. Pup 3 may just not be a social pup and we don’t blame her. 

The aquarium has four name groups to choose from, visit their website to vote for your favorite:

Click here to help name the pups


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