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Huge Indoor Sports Facility Coming To Raleigh. But What Sports Will Be Played There?

Source: ABC 11, Pin Point Raleigh, Ral Today

North Carolina is home to many things sports-related. The state has traditionally landed some of the world’s biggest sports to call North Carolina home. We have USA Baseball headquarters in Cary and the U.S. National Whitewater Center outside Charlotte. We have Pinehurst No. 2, which will host the U.S. Open golf tournament this summer, and we are also home to the best rivalry in sports with Duke and North Carolina.

Now, the fastest-growing sport in the country is also attracting the interest of many people, including investors, to drive the sport here in a big way.

Pickleball attracts many players from near and far to participate in this take on tennis. The sport has been around for a while but lately has gained attention from active players. Celebrities and current and former athletes have made major investments in the sport. The City of Raleigh even converted some of its downtown streets last year for a pop-up pickleball in City Plaza, which attracted many people to come out and play.

You may have passed a tennis court and seen people looking like they are playing tennis but after closer observation, you hear the sound of wooden paddles and people moving in a smaller space than tennis. The sport is growing everywhere and in some cities including Raleigh, parks and recreation departments have converted tennis courts into Pickleball courts. Let me also add that finding an empty court to play on is a bigger challenge in itself, so good luck. At least for Raleigh, the demand has created a supply of sorts.

Raleigh will be home to the largest indoor pickleball and golf facility in North Carolina. The 71,000-square-foot facility will be located near downtown Raleigh and features 16 indoor courts for pickleball, 8 golf simulators, and an indoor chipping and putting area for those golfers working on their short game. Pin Point Indoor Pickleball & Golf will have a full-service bar and a corporate event center for those team-building days your company badly needs. The facility is scheduled to open this summer and I know players are excited.  

Pin Point is owned by a trio group that includes former N.C. State quarterback Garrett Leatham has experience in real estate and contracting.  In the meantime, you should probably learn to play pickleball and go to your nearest sports store to get the equipment to join the wave. Warmer weather is coming so get ready for more pickleball-related stories.


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