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In North Carolina’s U.S. Senate Race, Beasley and Budd are complete opposites

Source: IndyWeek

The first and only debate in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race took place weeks ago, giving voters their first look at the state’s next senator on a debate stage. The highly talked about race between Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd underscores a deep contrast in the policies and positions the parties are taking.

Last month’s Trump rally in Wilmington signaled to North Carolina voters of Ted Budd’s alliance to extremism; accepting Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and MAGA movement. Despite Budd attempting to avoid the spotlight, the candidate has made headlines for voting to overturn the 2020 election, his anti-abortion stance views, and voting against crucial measures such as funding for child abuse prevention services.

According to IndyWeek, Budd also voted against legislation that would lower gas prices and protect consumers from price gouging by big oil companies. In 2019, the Republican candidate voted against lowering consumer drug prices just days after reportedly taking thousands of dollars from two Big Pharma PACs.

Most notably, Budd downplayed the January 6 insurrection, saying it was “just patriots standing up,” and recently cosponsored an abortion ban bill – despite a majority of North Carolinians supporting reproductive health care access.

In contrast, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley has decades of experience; rising through the state’s judicial system and making history by becoming the first Black woman to win a statewide election. The Democratic candidate has garnered numerous endorsements that include over 200 leaders, 100 organizations, and endorsements from Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein. 

Beasley supports protecting North Carolinians’ abortion rights, pushing forth affordable child care, paid family leave, capping the cost of insulin and cracking down on price-gouging by drug companies, among many other issues.

If elected, Beasley would be the third Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate and the first elected to represent a Southern state.

According to WRAL, one poll put Beasley ahead of Budd by 0.3 of a percentage point, while a Meredith College poll reported Budd up by 0.3 of a percentage point with 12% of respondents undecided.

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