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Lt. Gov Mark Robinson Continues Preaching Hate

Source: The Pulse

The North Carolina Renewal Project recently held a series of Pastor Gatherings across the state that featured multiple speakers including Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and, occasionally, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ted Budd. NC Policy Watch reported on the events in a recent series of articles.

According to NC Policy Watch, Robinson repeated his past claims that the United States is a Christian nation. His speech centered around encouraging Christians to “loudly proclaim their faith and re-enter the cultural fight in the public square,” and criticizing Christians that don’t.

Robinson, lamenting on Christians that aren’t publicly engaging enough, suggested that Christians should threaten libraries, saying, “No longer is a Christian willing to grab that whip and walk into the public library and tell them, ‘In this library, you will not use my tax dollars to promote sin to these children, and if I have to come in here and tear these books out myself and run that drag queen out of here myself, I will!’”

Robinson made several transphobic comments that included comparing Admiral Rachel Levine’s status as the highest-ranking openly transgender person in the federal government to a comedy and criticizing Christians for not publicly protesting transgender athletes.

Michael Whatley, the current head of the North Carolina Republican Party, was in attendance at these events. He praised Robinson as the greatest lieutenant governor in the United States.

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