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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Doubles Down on Banning Abortion While Pretending That’s Not What He’s Doing

Source: Editorial Board

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson doesn’t believe that abortions should be legal under any circumstance and he has expressed those views multiple times. But now he’s trying to pretend he doesn’t remember his past statements on abortion at the same time that he’s reiterated those beliefs on TV and in interviews.

Unfortunately for Robinson, he’s a man who loves seeing and hearing himself speak, so as bad as he might like to claim his memory is, the truth is easy to find.

Robinson has previously said that he would ban abortion in all circumstances, including rape and incest. He often compares abortion to murder and has said that once a woman is pregnant she no longer has a say over the decisions she makes for herself because her body is no longer her own.

Early voting for the March 5 primary begins on Feb. 15 and Robinson is now going around telling anyone who will listen that he’s tired of talking about and having to say the “a-word” – abortion – and that he’s not interested in discussing it further. 

Sadly for Robinson, he doesn’t get to decide which issues are important to voters. There are 3,721,083 registered female voters in North Carolina and if the lieutenant governor is too afraid to talk about an issue that impacts those voters then he shouldn’t expect to get their votes. Not courting the female vote is a risky move for Robinson to make considering there are approximately 554,000 more female registered voters than male. 

The lieutenant governor can’t exactly be blamed for not wanting to address reproductive rights anymore. After all, he did say “I want North Carolina to be the most pro-life state in the nation. Hands down. Abortion is murder. It’s a scourge on this nation. It needs to go.”

You can watch him say those words if you check out this video and skip ahead to the 3-minute, 50-second mark.

Robinson isn’t unique in the fact that he’s a politician who doesn’t want to talk about an extremely important issue that many voters strongly disagree with him on. That said, it’s ironic that he is too scared to talk truthfully now about his views on reproductive rights when he often speaks about how men are braver, stronger and more fit to lead than women.

Robinson stood in the pulpit of a North Carolina church and yelled out, “My God tells me that when I face adversity that, number one, I am to stand up like a man! M-A-N! We are called to be led by men. God sent women out … [and] when it was time to face down Goliath, [He] sent David. Not Davita, David.”

It’s quite rich hearing such a statement come from a man who’s too afraid to admit to the voters what he truly believes. There are many traits that “leaders” have, but none of them are “being a coward” or “being a liar.”


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