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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Trump Use Funeral Of ‘Diamond’ To Attack Media, Immigrants

Source: Editorial Board

The death of a right-wing political commentator earlier this month brought two of the most extreme and disgusting American politicians to Fayetteville.

Hundreds showed up in Fayetteville on Jan. 21 for a celebration of life ceremony for Lynette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” from the duo “Diamond and Silk.” The two women became famous in 2016 for their outspoken support of Donald Trump on social media and later on right-wing television outlets.

Trump, along with North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, both attended the event and spoke about Hardaway, according to WRAL.

The twice-impeached former president, who invited the duo to the White House while he was president, spoke about Hardaway, calling her a “great passionate woman” and one of the world’s “brightest stars.”

He then followed that up by launching into a speech about his plans to take back the White House, hitting on topics such as the border, inflation, gas prices and ensuring that the 2024 election “can’t be stolen” from him, WRAL reported.

Trump also hinted at endorsing Robinson in the 2024 governor’s race.

“You’ll know when it’s coming and it’s going to mean a lot,” he said in regard to a potential endorsement of Robinson.

When it was Robinson’s turn to speak, he told the audience that Hardaway’s “voice will live forever” and he described her as “North Carolina in all its best forms.”

According to WRAL’s Keenan Willard, Robinson also praised Hardaway’s family’s decision to ban reporters from the ceremony, saying that “We all know what the news media is. It’s the most evil devil in America.”

It should come as no surprise that neither Trump nor Robinson were able to attend an event without attacking the media, immigrants, Democrats or anyone else.

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