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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Would Be ‘Going To Jail’ If He Did His Own Taxes

Source: WRAL

In a recent interview with WRAL, Lt. Gov Mark Robinson said that he was unaware of the five overdue tax bills that he and his wife owed in his home county. The due dates on the unpaid bills ranged from 2006 to 2018.

Robinson, a likely candidate for North Carolina Governor in 2024, has a history of financial issues, including three bankruptcies and several years of unpaid federal income taxes, according to WRAL.

During the interview, Robinson said that his wife, Yolanda Hill, was responsible for their finances and that he didn’t know if he filed his federal income taxes separately or jointly.

“When you start talking about taxes, if I’m the guy doing them, then I’m going to jail,” Robinson told WRAL. “I’m not very good at math.”

Robinson paid the bills once he was made aware of them. 

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