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Lt. Gov Robinson’s Extreme Rhetoric is Wrong for North Carolina

Source: WRAL

While the next election for North Carolina governor is still two years away, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has all but announced that he will be in the running – but what would North Carolina look like under a far-right Republican like Robinson?

According to WRAL, if elected as North Carolina’s Governor in 2024, Robinson would “get behind measures that outlaw abortion in all cases, ban same-sex marriage and reshape how public schoolchildren are taught. He’d also push for loosened restrictions on gun owners and a ban on transgender athletes competing in high school sports outside the gender assigned at their birth.”

Robinson said he wants to make North Carolina “the most pro-life state” in the country and impose “dire consequences” on doctors who perform the procedure unlawfully. Robinson also told WRAL that he thinks the recently reinstated 20-week ban on abortion in North Carolina “doesn’t go far enough” and in the past has likened abortion to murder.

When asked if he would support a law defining marriage as between one man and one woman, Robinson said, “Personally, do I believe that? Yes. Do I think that a strong and healthy debate should go into that to make it the law? Absolutely.”

Robinson has made several anti-LGTBQ+ comments in the past, both online and in public speeches, that have faced intense backlash and even calls for his resignation. However, Robinson consistently makes the claim that his extreme views regarding LGBTQ+ people will remain separate from his actions while he’s holding public office.

When it comes to education, Robinson has called for removing science and history from the elementary school curriculum and has spent quite a bit of time labeling discussions of history, race, and sexual orientation “indoctrination.”

While Robinson continues to make claims that his extreme views don’t affect his current job as Lt. Governor and wouldn’t should he become Governor, it is hard to believe that given how often Robinson continues to make extreme comments even after facing repeated backlash

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