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Macon County Board of Elections removes Mark Meadows from voter rolls

Former chief of staff to President Trump Mark Meadows has been removed from North Carolina’s list of registered voters. According to the Associated Press, the removal of Meadows from the NC voter rolls is a result of the discovery of documents that showed that Meadows lived in Virginia and voted in that state’s 2021 election.

Last month, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein’s office asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into Meadows’ voter registration, which listed his legal residence as a home he has never actually owned.

Meadows is widely known for raising the prospect of voter fraud before the 2020 presidential election when polls showed Trump trailing Joe Biden, and once Trump had lost, Meadows openly suggested that Biden was not the legitimate winner and that the election was stolen from Trump. In fact, Meadows doubled down on this baseless claim in his 2021 memoir, despite the fact that judges, election officials across both parties, and Trump’s own attorney general have concluded that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. 

Associated Press reported that, “Public records indicated Meadows had been registered to vote in Virginia and North Carolina, where he listed a mobile home he did not own as his legal residence weeks before casting a 2020 presidential election ballot in the state.”

The mobile home listed by Meadows as his physical address while serving as Trump’s chief of staff in Washington is located in Scaly Mountain, NC. Meadows cast an absentee ballot for the general election by mail, and Trump ended up winning in North Carolina by just over 1 percentage point. 

According to The New Yorker, the former owner of the Scaly Mountain property listed by Meadows indicated that Meadows does not own the home and never has. Meadows’ wife apparently rented the property “for two months at some point within the past few years” but has only spent one or two nights there, and Mark Meadows himself was never present. 

Macon County District Attorney Ashley Welch recused herself from any investigation into Meadows, asking the attorney general’s office to handle the matter, as Meadows contributed to her campaign for DA and endorsed her in political ads. The Macon County Board of Elections said in announcing Meadows’ removal from the voter rolls that it had received no formal challenge, and was referring the matter to the SBI.  

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