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Madison Cawthorn Fails NC One Last Time Before Becoming Florida’s Problem

The people of North Carolina can now officially say goodbye to Congressman Madison Cawthorn. During his one and only term, Cawthorn made the news repeatedly for his inflammatory rhetoric and several controversies, including attempting to bring a gun onto a plane (twice) and claiming that elected representatives were engaging in cocaine-fueled orgies in DC.

However, in typical Cawthorn fashion, he left his office with one last failure – according to the News & Observer, Cawthorn’s successor, former state Senator Chuck Edwards, Cawthorn’s office did not transfer official constituent casework before leaving office. Repeated attempts to reach Cawthorn or his staff have been met with silence. 

Constituent services are a vital part of the job, and it is the duty of every outgoing member to ensure that constituents are taken care of when they leave. Members of Congress are supposed to help their constituents navigate government services, for example ensuring that eligible constituents receive veteran’s benefits, financial aid, or visa assistance. 

The deadline for transferring casework was December 23; Chuck Edwards has asked that anyone with outstanding casework to call his office. Cawthorn has since relocated to Florida where he will hopefully remain, far away from the constituents he failed to serve.

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