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Mark Meadows Chose A Lie Over His Own Country

Source: News & Observer

The News & Observer recently published an opinion piece on North Carolina native and worst chief of staff ever, Mark Meadows; specifically regarding his instrumental role in the events that took place on Jan. 6, 2021.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to Mark Meadows, recently testified in front of the January 6 committee and spared no detail of Meadows’ inaction and apathy towards an attack on our nation’s Capital. 

According to the News & Observer, on the morning of Jan. 6, “Meadows was told that the crowd attending Trump’s rally had guns, knives, oversized sticks, bear spray and spears fastened onto the end of flagpoles. Meadows, sitting on a couch in his office, didn’t look up from his phone.”

As the day wore on and it became apparent that the growing mob would likely breach the Capitol building, Meadows remained seated in his office scrolling through his phone. Hutchinson testified that she tried to get her boss’s attention, but despite the ever-growing threat to the safety of our country’s elected leaders and likely our country’s democracy itself, Meadows continued to do nothing. During testimony, Hutchinson recalled thinking, “Mark needs to snap out of it… he needs to care.”

Mark Meadows did not care, and likely still doesn’t, considering that despite being implicated in many of the January 6 Committee’s hearings, he has still refused to testify. As Hutchinson said in her testimony, “It was un-American… We were watching the Capitol building get defaced over a lie.”

Meadows does care about one thing though: himself. Presumably, upon seeing this plan’s failure, Hutchinson testified that Meadows asked for a presidential pardon related to his behavior on Jan. 6.

Ultimately, Mark Meadows was faced with a choice on Jan. 6, 2021, and he chose a twice-impeached liar over his own country. 

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