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‘Massive Voter Education And Mobilization’: AG Josh Stein, And GA Sen. Raphael Warnock Rally Faith Leaders Ahead Of November Elections

Source: WBTV

A group of faith leaders gathered at Reeder Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte for a campaign event for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein.

Joined by Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, the politicians called on faith leaders to mobilize their congregations to vote in November. 

“Massive voter education and mobilization. That’s how you respond to voter suppression. You wear them down by showing up and nobody can turn our people out, like the clergy,” said Sen. Warnock.

Warnock, who is also a senior pastor at the historical Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, focused on getting voters to turn out for the Senate runoff election in 2022. Ahead of the runoff date, the senior pastor held events at predominantly Black churches in an effort to promote voter turnout.  

Ultimately, Georgians broke turnout records for early voting, and shattered midterm elections voting numbers.

“North Carolina, you never know, as was the case where Georgia, you never know when you will be the tip of the spear. Your [a] battleground, North Carolina, you sit at the fulcrum between January 5 and January 6.”

For this year’s presidential election, North Carolina is set to become one of the major battleground states. 

According to The Hill, Democrats view North Carolina as a potential opportunity to flip in the presidential election, with 2020 pointing to the biggest example of candidates winning by small margins in the state. 

In addition to the race for President, North Carolina has also gotten a lot of attention for the big race for Governor, with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein standing in complete contrast to the controversial Republican gubernatorial candidate, Mark Robinson

“This November, the voters of North Carolina are going to have an incredibly stark choice between two competing visions,” said Stein. “I’m fighting so that every person can succeed. I want to an inclusive state where we tap the potential of everybody.”


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