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Meet New Democratic U.S. Rep.-Elect Don Davis From NC’s 1st Congressional District

Source: Editorial Board

The retirement of former U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield brought forth questions surrounding the well-established Democrat stronghold in NC House District 01. Since 2004, the former representative held the seat, yet with the latest iteration of gerrymandered maps, the district became more competitive, with Republicans hoping for an edge up. 

However, North Carolina voters rejected the Trump-endorsed and Jan. 6 participant Republican candidate Sandy Smith, choosing to elect Democrat Don Davis.

Davis, an Air Force veteran, minister, former mayor of Snow Hill, and currently a six-term state senator, campaigned on much-needed infrastructure investments, improving healthcare access and increasing job opportunities for eastern North Carolina communities.

“The families here in eastern North Carolina, they’re concerned about the issues that impact them, those issues that they talk about at dinner,” stated Davis. “That’s what we talked about and will continue to talk about. We’re concerned about making sure our kids get a good education, making sure there’s access to good quality health care and just good-paying jobs in the east.”

Butterfield endorsed Davis’ candidacy, as Davis has underscored his commitment to ensuring eastern North Carolina is no longer overlooked or forgotten.

“I’m laser-focused on making sure that our kids get all they need in terms of resources to succeed in school, access to health care remains a top priority for us in the east, and making a pathway for good-paying American jobs right here in Eastern North Carolina,” stated Davis.

Davis’ win will help bolster the state Democrat’s representation in Congress and will continue to give opportunities for eastern North Carolinians to have a say in Washington. 


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