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Meet New Democratic U.S. Rep.-Elect Jeff Jackson From NC’s 14th Congressional District

Source: Editorial Board

North Carolina’s delegation in the next session of the U.S. House of Representatives will consist of seven Democrats and seven Republicans, a fitting split for such a politically “purple” state.

One of those seven democrats is Jeff Jackson in the 14th Congressional District. Jackson’s whirlwind of a campaign took over the race for North Carolina’s newest district, defeating Republican Pat Harrigan.

Jackson, a former Army Reserve soldier who served in Afghanistan, and is now a North Carolina Army National Guard major with 20 years of service and an attorney, won the newly created district with 57% of the votes.

“A new district is an opportunity for a new start, for a new generation and for a new set of expectations,” stated Jackson during his victory speech. “I want to use this office to do important things for the people who live here. And that’s not a short list.

During his campaign, Jackson became a household name by engaging with voters across the state and having an active presence on social media and in communities

Prior to, Jackson became the second-youngest senator in the state Senate in 2014, and previously ran for the highly contested U.S. Senate seat. However, Jackson ended his bid for the seat, and threw his support behind Cheri Beasley, choosing instead to run for the southern Mecklenburg and eastern Gaston counties seat.

“There are a lot of things that need to be done … I want to do that work in a way that raises your expectations about what you deserve from people in this position,” stated Jackson. 

With the next session just weeks away, Jackson has underscored his commitment to fighting back against gerrymandering, supporting reproductive healthcare protections, Medicaid expansion, and many other issues.
“If I do this job well, not only will we be checking things off the to-do list around our district — but I’ll raise your expectations for those who hold elected office,” stated Jackson. “That’s the leadership North Carolina families deserve.”


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