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NC Democrats Introduce Bill To Protect Reproductive Rights, Abortion Access

Source: Associated Press

Exactly 50 years since the inception of Roe v. Wade, North Carolina Democrats are pushing forth abortion safeguards amid an ever-growing effort by Republicans to strip away reproductive rights. 

Democratic leaders in the North Carolina House and Senate filed identical bills that would codify abortion protections into state law; prohibiting the state from imposing barriers that might restrict a patient’s ability to make choices surrounding their reproductive health. 

This legislation comes after state Republicans alluded to further restricting abortion access following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that erased federal abortion protections last year.

“For almost 50 years, North Carolinians have had the ability to make one of life’s most important decisions,” stated Rep. Robert Reives, the Democratic leader in the House, during a press conference for the bill’s announcement.“ Over the last several weeks, it’s become clear that Republican leadership are eager to drag us backward.”

Last month, the Associated Press reported that Republican House Speaker Tim Moore stated that Republicans in the legislature were moving toward an agreement to ban abortion after the first trimester. According to Spectrum News, state Republican leaders said the Democrats’ bill, “Codify Roe and Casey Protections,” will not even be considered.

Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue told the Associated Press that this does not deter Democrat’s efforts and said, “It’s not unlike a lot of bills around this place to not (be) considered — it’s the idea that’s important. This is an important idea whose time has come, and it’s not going to go crawl under a rock or bury its head because the speaker says the bill won’t be considered.”

State Democrats underscored the impact of banning the crucial health care service, which would put millions of North Carolinians, and Americans living in the southeast region of the U.S. without access. 

“The business community across America has spoken out against abortion bans in other states,” stated said Sen. Sidney Batch, a Wake County Democrat, during the press conference. “They know the science, they understand the data, and comprehend how detrimental it is to their employees, families and our economy.”

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