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NC Public Safety Leaders Call For Action Amid Rise in Violent Threats Against Schools

Source: CBS 17

According to leaders from the state Department of Public Safety, schools across the state have seen an increase in violent threats in the past year.

Nearly 200 mass violence school threats were made across the state last year, with criminal complaints for threats up more than 37% above pre-pandemic levels, according to The News & Observer.

“Kids are already on edge,” stated William Lassiter, deputy secretary of juvenile justice for NCDPS and task force chair. “Parents are already on edge. Staff are already on edge. These threats come in and we have to go to a lockdown, and obviously, it’s a disconcerting situation.”

The threats ranged from simple assaults to threats of mass violence, which they say makes up 14 percent of all threats, CBS17 reported.

In partnership with the State of Bureau Investigation, and law enforcement, DPS is assessing threats made throughout the year, and creating an awareness campaign about gun violence and the consequences of bringing guns to schools.

In addition, leaders are advocating for an increased presence of counselors, social workers and psychologists in schools in order to help address the mental and emotional needs of students.

“Often the family’s in a crisis,” Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers told the N&O. “Therefore the child is in a crisis, and that’s a very volatile combination.”

According to a state-by-state report card on youth mental health by Hopeful Futures, the state’s school psychologist-to-student ratio is one school psychologist for every 2,527 students.

Advocates and state Democrats have called for the funding of The Leandro Plan, which would address the shortage of counselors and social workers in public schools, and provide funding to increase school nurses and, psychologists in order to meet the needs of students

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