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Newly Released Audio Shows Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s Belief That the 2020 Election Was Stolen

Source: News & Observer

Undeterred by the more than 90 criminal charges twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is currently facing in multiple jurisdictions for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is sticking by his man and supporting Trump’s theories.

Robinson, who is the frontrunner in the Republican gubernatorial primary, endorsed Trump’s campaign for president months ago and was told by the accused criminal to expect one back – and that endorsement came last week while Robinson was co-hosting an event with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Despite all of the charges he’s facing and despite all the evidence that he was wrong in 2020, is wrong now and will still be wrong 500 years from now, Trump continues to push his made-up claims about the election being stolen – and audio obtained by The News & Observer shows Robinson embraced those conspiracy theories.

The recording contains Robinson speaking at a church in 2021 and saying that Biden “stole the election.”

According to The News & Observer, Robinson spoke as though he was giving a sermon and focused on what he called “demonic” television full of bad news. He told the members of Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett that “they should turn off the television and stand up for stances he believes they should take: against abortion, ‘transgenderism’ and ‘indoctrination’ in schools, and in support of Second Amendment gun rights.”

The part of the speech where Robinson spoke about Biden and the election came about 20 minutes in, while he talked about what he called the “obvious goodness in this nation,” and people helping others.

“When you’re in trouble, folks will come running. Because in this nation, we believe in helping each other, and we believe in doing the right thing. Let somebody come over here and come attack this nation. Lord, I hate to see it,” he said before continuing:

“Right up there outside one of them fences that Joe Biden put up to protect himself from people because they were so mad because he stole the election. Yeah, I said that,” Robinson said, which was followed by applause.

That’s not the only time Robinson has spoken about his belief that Biden stole the 2020 election. In 2022 at CPAC, Robinson said, “I don’t care what you tell me, 83 million people did not vote for Joe Biden. I don’t think 83 million people know who Joe Biden is.”

When reached for comment by The N&O, Robinson’s campaign accused Democrats of questioning previous election results but did not address the lieutenant governor’s claims or even answer the newspaper’s questions.

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