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No more chicken at Bojangles?! What???

Source: WRAL

Ask people in North Carolina what is their favorite place to get a chicken biscuit and I am almost guaranteeing that all will say Bojangles. This North Carolina-based fast food chain is beloved amongst those that were born here and the transplants that call North Carolina home. Many college students rely on that savory chicken biscuit with seasoned fries and refreshing iced tea as a go-to meal for all occasions. 

Ask many college alumni what is their first stop when they return to campus for homecoming and many will say Bojangles. Make sure you ask someone that finished college before the rise of Cookout because the answer might be different. They always save if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, well Bojangles CEO almost caused a riot with his recent comments. 

Bojangles CEO Jose Armario told QSR Magazine that he would really like to get out of the chicken business. Sounds good Jose, just pass the torch to another leader of our great chicken gang. Bojangles first opened in Charlotte in 1977 and today the famous chicken chain has 750 locations in 12 states. Jose you have done us well in your time as leader, but Jose wasn’t talking about stepping down from his role. Joes wants to revamp the whole flow at Bojangles. 

“I want to get into the experience business,” Armario told the publication. “That means you have to have great people who enjoy taking care of customers. So we begin by taking care of our people.”

As you can imagine, the outrage traveled far and wide and the Vice President of Communication Stacey McCray had to step in to clean up the airwaves. 

“Bojangles will always be in the business of serving delicious Southern chicken, biscuits and tea, and that will never change,” McCray wrote in part. “As we expand into new markets, an enhanced guest experience will be a key differentiator, along with a streamlined menu featuring hand-breaded boneless chicken.”

Bojangles recently opened some out-of-state locations that feature breakfast ending at 2 p.m. and no bone-in chicken. I need to find those locations so I don’t walk into the building acting like I ain’t got no sense because I can’t get a three-wing chicken dinner. Some of the highlights are premium salads, three milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla and Boberry) and chicken tenders. Now are these chicken tenders or chicken supremes? Because there is a difference. 

Adding new menu items is not new to Bojangles. Let’s not forget they did insert themselves in the chicken sandwich wars with other chains around who has the better fried chicken sandwich with a bun, pickles and seasoned mayo. Boy, do I miss the chicken sandwich wars which helped me gain an undisclosed amount of weight.

The chicken giant also teamed up with Boone-based Appalachian Mountain Brewery to make a Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea that can be found in retailers in the Carolinas. Needless to say that Jose gave us the scare of a lifetime but luckily the communications team at Bojangles relieved us of any stress or harm.

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