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North Carolina Has One of the Worst Teacher-Student Ratios in America

Source: ABC 11

North Carolina has just nine teachers for every 1,000 people in the state. It’s the 11th-worst teacher-to-student ratio in the country, according to new data. The state’s current starting base salary is $37,000. The North Carolina Association of Educators says it should be at least $45,000 to stay competitive.

The NCGOP’s failure to spend the money necessary to have a top-quality public education system hasn’t just resulted in staff shortages, but has also led to schools with failing heating and cooling systems, unsafe drinking water and buildings that are literally falling apart.

This entire situation was predictable and would have been avoidable for any state with a legislature controlled by people who actually value public education.

Educators have made it clear why they’re leaving the profession – low pay, lack of funding for school improvements, and right-wing attacks on learning. The possible solution is just as clear: Republicans need to do what they’ve been court-ordered to do and fund the Leandro plan, which will provide billions of dollars to improve public schools, help educators and ensure every student obtains a sound, basic education.


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