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Nothing stops Amazon driver from delivering package – not even Raleigh police

Source: WRAL

We all have been in this situation before, sitting by the window waiting for that Amazon truck, van or sometimes private vehicle to appear with our precious online order. For the impatient person, waiting on that package may seem like an eternity.

Now, imagine you are home and expecting a delivery of those lobster slippers you really been waiting for and just in time for spring break. Your delivery is near and the excitement begins only for everything to go downhill. You look outside and multiple police cars are blocking your street. Your first thought should be what’s going on but, you are more concerned about your lobster slippers being delivered on time. Have no fear, Amazon is here! 

This actual event happened in Raleigh recently, well everything but the thoughts of someone standing by the window waiting on lobster slippers. The cop cars blocking the street on a delivery day did occur. The unusual event was captured on video and has since gone viral on TikTok, generating over one million views. 

The video shows a Raleigh cul-de-sac with multiple Raleigh police cars blocking the street. You can see officers and EMS personnel standing by. This is usually normal in a police standoff situation but what happens next is not.

As the video is rolling in comes an Amazon delivery driver in his company logo vest walking with a package in his hand. The driver strolls past the flashing lights of the police cars scratching his head, looking around, and seems unfazed by the standoff. The video shows EMS workers watching the driver walk by as they look at each other in confusion. The commentary on the video is the best part but warning it does contain some adult language. 

“Go, Amazon!” says the voice, laughing.

“Amazon don’t play!” says another voice in the background.

 “Their slogan is rain, sleet, snow or standoff,” says one commenter.

Raleigh Police do eventually stop the driver after he makes it past a few cars. Officers can be seen taking the package from the delivery driver and allowing the driver to walk back safely but not before the Amazon driver snaps that all-important photo to signal the package has been delivered. I love getting that photo. 

It’s not clear what the standoff was about and there have not been any updates on the situation. Luckily, neither the driver nor anyone else was hurt. This situation does raise a pretty important question. What is Amazon’s policy on deliveries to have one of its staff walk past multiple cop cars just to attempt to deliver a package? Simone Griffin, a spokesperson from Amazon says safety is always their top priority.

“We always prioritize the safety of the drivers delivering our packages and we regularly communicate with them that if they don’t feel safe, they shouldn’t deliver the package and instead reach out for immediate support. We’ve spoken with the driver involved to remind him his safety comes first and about the support available in situations like this.”   

Well, it looks like the driver felt safe so he attempted to deliver the package and given the spokesperson’s response he had the green light to do so. Sounds like Amazon may want to update their delivery driver training going forward. There are a million other reasons why Amazon is problematic but now they clearly have a real-life training video to address one of those problems. 

Read the full story here.

Watch the full video here. Viewer discretion: Language.


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