Retired Army Colonel And Former Educator Marcia Morgan Running For NC Senate

Retired Army Colonel Marcia Morgan is running for North Carolina Senate District 7 in New Hanover County against Senator Michael Lee.

Marcia Morgan has always been passionate about women’s rights and has committed to “stand up for North Carolina women and their right to make their own choices about what is best for them and for their families.” Morgan believes that women’s rights are under attack and says she would not support extreme abortion restrictions. Her opponent, Senator Michael Lee, has voted to restrict abortion at least five times. 

As a former educator, Morgan understands what it’s like to be a teacher in North Carolina and is committed to raising teacher pay. Morgan also told Port City Daily that the General Assembly “must also show how much they value public education by providing appropriate funding for all of our public schools.” 

Morgan supports funding the court-ordered Leandro plan to ensure that our state meets its constitutional requirement to provide a sound and basic education to all students. Lee has consistently supported budgets that shortchange public education, prioritizing corporate tax cuts over funding our schools, forcing teachers to do more with less. 

Morgan is also passionate about protecting the environment and is involved in local efforts to protect her community’s waterways, beaches, and parks. For years, New Hanover County residents have expressed concerns about the presence of dangerous chemicals such as GenX polluting their water sources. Morgan told Port City Daily that she believes the company responsible for the pollution, Chemours, “must be held financially and legally accountable” for the emission of deadly chemicals without passing the costs on to consumers.

Lee voted for a bill backed by a lobbying group that included Chemours. The bill benefited corporations including Chemours by preventing the state from being able to test drinking water for a wider array of chemicals.


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