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Season Four of Netflix Hit Show ‘Outer Banks’ Filming Around Wilmington This July

Source: Port City Daily

We got some good news for all of you Pogues and Kooks out there. Season four filming of Netflix hit show Outer Banks will be filming in the greater Wilmington area this July. Check the casting call sheets because extras are needed for filming. 

Make sure you have caught up on season three also because there were some major twists and turns for the meddling kids and adults. That’s a Scooby Doo reference for all the younger peeps out there.

For those of you that have been under a rock and not watched the show, Outer Banks is a mashup of Scooby Doo meets Disney’s National Treasure. The show takes place surrounding teenagers from different economic backgrounds living in coastal North Carolina on an adventure to find some lost items.  I’ll leave it at that without spoiling the show. 

In this OBX multiverse, (Marvel films reference there) Chapel Hill is an hour away from the coast and many more North Carolina references you come to love are a part of the show. The Triangle area must have figured out that long-awaited light-rail situation in this universe. Yep, that’s shade at the fastest-growing region in the country that can’t figure out a better alternative to transportation besides populating more cars on a beat-up and congested Interstate 40.   

Now that you have a summary of the show let’s get to the tea:

The show will resume season four filming in the Wilmington area as confirmed by show producer/filmmaker and North Carolina’s own Jonas Pate. The show is returning to the coastal area and Pate’s hometown which is something he’s always wanted to do. Cameras began rolling on season four in neighboring South Carolina and will continue despite the current writer’s strike happening. 

“We have enough of our scripts to shoot through the summer, maybe a little bit into the fall,” he said. “We’ll be at Fort Fisher for a week or so, doing a big motorcycle race, and then we have some big scenes at Crystal Pier,” Pate confirmed.

Outer Banks was originally set to be filmed in North Carolina but the passing of HB2 deterred them from shooting in North Carolina. Like many popular filming destinations across our state, Wimington took a hard hit because of the bill. Since many parts of HB2 have expired, the region is seeing more and more productions returning to the area. 

If you want to be a part of season four of Outer Banks check out Kimmie Stewart Casting as they are posting often for opportunities in the state. Good luck to you all and we look forward to seeing you on the show. 

To read more about season four filming and other productions coming to the coastal region click here.


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