Senate Delays Vote To Codify Same-Sex Marriage Until After Midterm Elections

Source: The Pulse

The U.S. Senate was gearing up to pass legislation that would codify marriage equality for same-sex couples into law before the vote was delayed recently. 

The bill that passed the House in July will be modified in the Senate to ensure that polygamy is not made legal as well as making clarifications around religious liberties for those with deeply held beliefs about same-sex unions.  According to reporting by NC Policy Watch, these amendments are being made to gain Republican support.

Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins have said they are close to gathering the 10 Republican votes they would need to pass the bill in the Senate.  Once passed the amended bill would need to be voted on once again by the House before heading to the President’s desk for approval.

The vote on the bill has been pushed back until after this November’s midterms.

Opponents of the bill claim that codification is not necessary because the Supreme Court’s decision protects these rights. However, after the fall of Roe v. Wade Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that the court revisit the court decisions that protect the use of contraception, private adult consensual sexual relationships, and marriage equality.

It is time for lawmakers to protect the rights of their constituents. Instead of bowing to a far-right doctrine of intolerance and government control, it’s time lawmakers put away partisanship and ensure our freedoms remain intact now and for future generations.


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