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Spooky Places To Visits In The Triangle

Source: WRAL, North Carolina Ghosts

If you are new to the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas) then you may not know about some very scary places here according to local urban legend. Let the record reflect that we are not talking about the walls of the General Assembly building. Some of the decision-makers in that building must be haunted by something supernatural to propose bills that are a clear reflection of the 1700s. You can read more about those scary stories in other articles at NC Voices. 

This is a fair warning to any current or alums of N.C. State or UNC, your campuses are definitely haunted. You could say this might be the work of the Duke Blue Devil since this WRAL article contains no Duke hauntings at all. There’s your shameless ACC Basketball plug.

Let’s start with the oldest marked grave in Wake County at Spring Hill House. The old and creepy site is right behind Centennial Campus at N.C. State University. The gravel of Theophilus Hunter Sr. dates back to 1798. Many historians believe there are several other unmarked graves on the property with up to 26 people believed to be buried there. In the early 1900s, the land was occupied by Dorothea Dix Hospital which is now closed and known as Dix Park. 

According to urban legend, something inside the house keeps tripping the motion sensor on the stairwell as if someone is constantly walking up and down the stairs. Some believe this is our friend Theophilus walking to and from his gravesite to check on the home. Some security guards have visited the home once the sensor has been tripped, only to find nothing but silence as if no one was ever there. Enjoy your evening dog walks at Dix Park. 

Another place that I have personally attempted to visit is The Devil’s Tramping Ground in Chatham County. For the record, I never made it to the actual location but directions are here for you brave souls. This perfectly round circle is bare and many have attempted to plant vegetation there. Let’s just say that these attempts have been met with deathly results each time. There are stories of people leaving objects in the circle at dusk only for them to be removed outside of the circle by dawn. There are even accounts of dogs getting really upset when approaching the area. Locals believe the devil spends his nights pacing the circle thinking of ways to bring human souls to damnation. 

The good news, peeps, is that you can visit any of these sites year-round at your own risk. Haunting is not just for Halloween.  

Read more here on Triangle haunted areas including Glenwood South, UNC and Oakwood Cemetery.


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