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The P.O.O.F Teen Center in Durham: Inspiring Local Teens to be Entrepreneurs

Source: Spectrum

As violence intensifies in Durham, North Carolina, POOF Teen Center, a local nonprofit strives to pour into the young people of the city by providing life skills for their futures.

In 2022, Destiny Alexander started P.O.O.F.  The acronyms are “planning our own future [and] planning our own funeral.” She shares with CBS 17. “Make sure you always say future first because we are in the present. We teach funerals as far as legacies, not tragedies.”

Alexander was led to start POOF to give back to East Durham, which is the community she was raised in. And she wanted to create a safe space for young people (13 to 17) to become entrepreneurs.

Through her nonprofit, Alexander has partnered with local entrepreneurs and the Self-Help Credit Union in Durham so teens are taught the importance of building financial wealth, and how to run a successful business.

In addition, teens in POOF have an added incentive to saving money this year. This summer they are traveling to Jamaica, and all teens in the program have gotten their passports for the trip. 

If you would like to help these teens make it to Jamaica, feel free to donate here or consider getting your car washed at the Poof Teen Center (1100 N. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC) on Saturday, May 25th at 8am to 2pm.

For more information about the Poof Teen Center, feel free to visit their website at


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