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With the Release of Beyoncé’s Latest Album, Let’s Take a Look at Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s One-Sided Beef with Queen Bey

SourceThe Root

Beyoncé’s highly anticipated country-influenced album “Cowboy Carter” was released on March 29 but there’s at least one North Carolina politician who, despite his apparent appreciation for country music, certainly won’t be listening.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is no stranger to starting one-sided social media beefs with all kinds of people, whether that’s teenage survivors of mass shootings, the sport of basketball, powerful women or celebrities and musicians.

Robinson has never explained precisely why he had such an issue with Beyoncé in the first place or where his anger at her comes from. Considering his history of misogyny, it’s possible that it’s because she is a successful, powerful woman and he feels threatened. Or, as Jessica Washington writes for The Root, Robinson’s attacks on Beyoncé seem “to fit with his habit of politically pandering to people’s inner racism.”

Whatever the reason for his criticisms, one of the most surprising aspects of this story is that Beyoncé’s online fandom – the “BeyHive” – have either not heard about Robinson’s antics or don’t find him to be worthy enough to justify a response from them. The normally outspoken group of mega-fans has been mostly absent in their defense of Queen Bey from the lieutenant governor’s attacks over the years.

At the end of the day, Robinson’s attacks on Beyoncé are just another example of him preaching to his choir of hateful people. Nobody that didn’t already dislike Beyoncé is going to change their mind because of him and really, North Carolinians have more important things to worry about – like making sure Robinson isn’t the state’s next governor and that he can spend the rest of his days at home ranting on Facebook without negatively affecting the lives of North Carolinians.


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