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‘Whores,’ ‘Communists,’ ‘Anti-American’ and Comparisons to Hitler: Looking at Mark Robinson’s Misogynistic Facebook Posts

Source: Huffington Post

If you know the kind of man Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is then you know that he is a conspiracy theorist who believes women can’t be leaders and has concluded that “we are called to be led by men.” What you might not know is just the extent of his clear disdain for women.

The Huffington Post recently published an article looking at Robinson’s history of demeaning successful women, often via Facebook posts that remain on his personal page even today as he runs for governor.

The article includes examples of nearly two dozen times that he has attacked women in politics, sports and entertainment. “A review of his Facebook posts over the years reveals a pattern of offensive and disgusting language in the way he talks about prominent women,” HuffPost reported. 

Below are just some of the women that Robinson attacked and what he said about them:

  • Michelle Obama – He has repeatedly called her a man and said she speaks “ghetto.” He also called her “an angry, anti-American communist Black lady” and said that she emanates “the stench of human waste.”
  • Nancy Pelosi – He said she is “a bitter angry loser who hates” America, “the devil,” a “wannabe despot” and compared her to dictators Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – He has called her “dumb,” “stupid,” a “moron,” a “[shit]-head,” “a leftist lunatic” and even photoshopped a picture of AOC’s head onto Hitler’s body.
  • Elizabeth Warren – He called her a “dingbat” and compared her to Hitler, Stalin and Mao.
  • Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and Issa Rae – He posted a photo of the women at the Golden Globes and said they were wearing “breast bearing whore dresses.”
  • Beyoncé – He said Beyoncé “teaches our young women how to be hyper-sexual whores.”
  • Britney Griner – He made fun of the WNBA player for being imprisoned in Russia and called her a “leftist stooge” who deserved to be in Russian prison. 

The above examples aren’t even half of the awful things he’s said about successful women.

Despite all of the horrifying things Robinson has said about everyone from the LGBTQ+ community to Jewish and Muslim people to Black people, he is still far and away the front-runner in the Republican gubernatorial primary. According to HuffPost, some top Republicans in the state are hoping the newest contender ― 2008 failed gubernatorial candidate Bill Graham ― will overtake Robinson by garnering support from Republican leaders and by using millions of dollars of his own money on his campaign.

HuffPost previously talked to political analysts in North Carolina for their views on how a hatemonger like Robinson could be the NCGOP’s front-runner for governor. The belief is that he has two advantages over his Republican opponents: name recognition and approval from Donald Trump.

“He represents the culture war id of the Republican Party,” said Steven Greene, a political science professor at North Carolina State University.

Greene predicted that if Robinson does become the GOP nominee, he will lose the general election in 2024.

“We have seen ever since the elevation of Trump, Republican primary voters, again and again, time and time and time again, choosing the candidate who makes an awful general election candidate in a purple state,” he said. “My presumption is Mark Robinson will fall right into this pattern.”

HuffPost reached out to Robinson ― both his campaign and his state government office ― to ask why the lieutenant governor has spent years publicly attacking and demeaning so many successful women. Neither office responded.


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