Anti-CRT Johnston County School Board Member Takes Back Resignation Announcement

An anti-CRT Johnston County school board member and Smithfield police officer who was suspended during an internal investigation is now refusing to resign from his seat. 

The statement from Ronald Johnson, who is the subject of a Smithfield Police Department internal investigation, comes after a July 8 announcement in which the school board member released to The JoCo Report that he would resign because he’s “not in position to govern or lead.”

According to reporting from The JoCo Report, Johnson has stated that he has changed his mind, and “will not resign from the Board of Education”.

Johnson is most notably known for pushing forth a Johnston County school board policy that would fire or discipline teachers who taught the truth of our history in the classrooms in a deal with receiving school district funding

“In return for releasing to my children’s school system badly needed funds for raises for bus drivers and TAs, teacher pay supplements and the hiring of additional TAs for some of our low-performing schools, you forced the school board to enact a confusing policy that addresses a problem that does not exist,” stated a parent during public comments at the policy meeting. 

The policy mirrored controversial measures by Republicans in other states that would censor teachers from educating students about race, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

According to The News & Observer, Johnson is currently working with a group of Republican school board candidates to get them elected. 

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