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The ACC Has $15 Million Reasons To Stay In North Carolina

Source: WRAL Sports Fan

If you are from North Carolina or have at least been around for a day or two during college sports seasons then you know this is ACC country. No matter what sport it is, everyone has a team. Part of the agreement of moving to North Carolina is you have to pick a side. Being neutral around here is not an option and is frowned upon. 

The ACC was founded in 1953 with charter schools Duke, N.C. State, UNC and Wake Forest. The headquarters has always been in Greensboro with the city hosting numerous conference tournament events before the eventual spread to other cities on the east coast. The conference now has 15 members and spans from New England to South Florida and Notre Dame so it was only a matter of time before other cities wanted the conference to call their city home. 

The league has been rumored to be interested in other cities like Charlotte or Orlando if the league decides to relocate from Greensboro, which has fought to keep the conference headquarters there. The conference reached out to lawmakers, according to state Sen. Phil Berger, and an agreement was made. The legislation was created to give the conference $15 million over 15 years if they chose to stay put here in North Carolina. The agreement would be in the latest state budget that was recently signed by Gov. Roy Cooper.  

The proposed legislation, which does not name the ACC specifically, refers to a “qualifying collegiate sports employer” as an entity with four charter members that are institutions of higher education in the state. According to ACC officials, a decision has not been made on the future home of the conference.

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