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Attorney General Josh Stein Hosts Forum to Discuss Threats to Child Well-Being

Source: WPRE-FM

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein recently hosted a forum about the threats to young people’s mental health and well-being, emphasizing that many children are in crisis right now. 

The attorney general stressed the need for supportive schools, saying that while parents are often the key to a child’s well-being, “Not every child lives in a home with attentive parents.”

“We need to adequately fund our schools so that there is a qualified and well-prepared teacher in every classroom and a principal like that in every school,” Stein said. 

“If we care about our kids, we must care about the people who take care of them every day.”

Stein went on to say that state and local officials, school districts, and community members need to work together to combat rising rates of drug addiction, push back against social media, and make sure that firearms are safely stored so children cannot access them.

“Our kids carry heavy burdens. They need us to help them with that load.”


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