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Biden Centers Military Families in Latest Visit to North Carolina

Source: Editorial Board 

Earlier in June, President Joe Biden traveled to the recently renamed Fort Liberty to sign an executive order that addresses job opportunities for military and veteran spouses.

According to the Associated Press, the executive order directs agencies to develop a plan for hiring and job retention for military spouses, bolster child care options, and improve the collection of data on military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors in the federal workforce, among other actions.

“The reason we’ve been able to sustain that force year after year, decade after decade, is because military spouses, caregivers, and survivors have answered the call as well,” President Biden stated prior to signing the order. “You have your loved ones’ backs, just like they have the country’s back.” 

The Associated Press reports that the order spurred off from conversations through the first lady’s initiative, which aims to support families, caregivers, and survivors of members of the U.S. military. 

“Spouses bring experience and adaptability that really can’t be taught,” stated first lady Jill Biden during a press call. “And when they get the opportunities that they deserve, our service members can do their duty knowing that those they love most are able to thrive.” 

According to the White House, nearly one in five military families have cited challenges with spousal employment as a reason for considering leaving active-duty service. 

“We’re asking agencies to make it easier for spouses employed by the federal government to take administrative leave, telework and move offices,” the first lady stated. “We’re creating resources to support entrepreneurs. And the executive order helps agencies and companies retain military spouses through telework or when they move abroad.”

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden’s visit comes as the Biden campaign announced North Carolina as a battleground state for its pathway to victory in 2024.

Democrats have noted that the state’s ever-growing population, with college-educated voters around Charlotte and the Triad area, makes it a prime pick-up in the upcoming election year. 


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