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Flooding Isn’t Just A Coastal Problem – Western NC Communities Come Together To Plan For Resilience

Source: Public News Service

Historically, North Carolina’s flood prevention and mitigation efforts have focused primarily on coastal communities, however, the mountainous regions of North Carolina have seen their share of damaging floods from hurricanes and tropical storms.

“A landslide occurred, which further backed up the floodwater,” said Mary Roderick, regional planner for the Land of Sky Regional Council. “It just created a wall of water that wiped out people’s homes and took people’s lives.”

Recently, a coalition of state groups gathered in Asheville to address the growing problem of flooding and landslides and strategize ways to improve flood resilience in the West.

The Pew Charitable Trusts hosted the invitation-only event where conference participants heard from the North Carolina State Climate Office about future potential climate risks for the state.  Pew estimated for every dollar invested in flood preparedness, $6 is saved in terms of cleanup and other flood recovery costs.

Through the North Carolina Flood Resiliency Blueprint, the state hopes to address increasing problems from floods. The $20 million plan provides for the development of risk-management processes and establishes a method to prioritize and implement flood-control projects across the state.

The event comes at a critical time for the region, which has seen an increase in the frequency and severity of flooding events in recent years. By bringing together stakeholders from across the region, the conference aims to foster collaboration and develop a coordinated approach to addressing this pressing issue.

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